FBK provides on-line services for family businesses, based upon intensive research on such firms. Through an on-line questionnaire, the FBK expert system evaluates the various parameters of your family company with the FBK Diagnostic  ® and makes specific recommendations in the light of findings.

FBK has two on-line products:

Each family members has his or her own personality traits and life history and thus perceives the family business differently. Differing perceptions are perfectly legitimate.
FBK Diagnostic Family Group sets out how the various family members see the business in an anonymous and objective fashion, determines differences in viewpoints and studies whether these stem from belonging to different groups in the family (for example, family branches or generations).
This product, which is unique in the market, allows the entrepreneur to grasp how his family and partners see the business and facilitates dialogue to narrow the gaps in standpoints and to understand differences.

As time goes by, both family and business become more complex: families grow and firms become more sophisticated.

The more complex the family and business, the more highly-developed their relations need to be. Such relations must be as tightly controlled as finance, sales or technology. If this is not so, the family business runs unnecessary risks.

FBK Professional Diagnostic analyses whether the relations between family and business are the right ones for the present situation. It assesses whether there is a risk of destabilisation and proposes specific measures to reduce such risk.

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