Our concepts

Ongoing research means we have to apply new concepts linked to Family Business and to develop models that explain and summarise research findings.

The Structure of Family Business Relations: Research has revealed that altering family-business relationships requires action on those parameters that strongly affect them.

The Structural Risk Form: This sets out how to co-ordinate the relationship between family and business as both become more complex. As the complexity of each rises, unforeseen events crop up and have to be dealt with.

Twin-competency families: Business families not only need family management skills but also skills in running the business.

Dominant interests: Each person has his own (usually legitimate) interests. One needs to identify these interests and those of others to understand individual attitudes.

Models of family Business: Our research has led us to identify six kinds of family business, some of which have a limited life span.

The entrepreneur's mental model: Behaviour patterns are not greatly shaped by the circumstances in which individuals find themselves but rather how they see the world. In some cases, their interpretations hinder progress.