FBK Professional Diagnostic

How does it work?

Contracting the diagnostic:

Follow the screen instructions which will quickly lead you through the contracting process. Then, press the link: Contract a diagnostic.

If you already have a code and password because you have carried out other FBK diagnostics (for example, The Family Business Institute and BBVA), enter them and the system will recognise you and will restore all the existing questionnaires for you and your family, saving you time and money.

Once you have contracted a service, you and your family will be given access codes. End the contracting process and give the codes to your family members, telling them they should enter the system by the 'users' access' button at the top of the web page.

Print the guarantee when this appears on screen. FBK will return your money if  you can tell us why the product does not satisfy your needs within seven days of contracting it.

The system calculates the invoice and before proceeding, you must accept payment by credit card.

Before finishing the process, you will have the opportunity to cancel the purchase, invoice and credit card charge.

Family members will only have access to their own questionnaire and may complete it in one or over several sessions.

Given that you will have contracted the Family Group Diagnostic, the system will  recognise you as the 'administrator' and accord you the corresponding  privileges. While you will not be able to see the responses in each questionnaire, you will be able to know whether family members have completed them. Clearly, you will be the only one who receives the family report.

 Please note, all the questionnaires need to be completed in order to generate the final report.

 If you need help during the process, contact Lita Guilló  (+34 93 2726339).