Consultants and professional advisors

FBK makes the FBK Professional Diagnostic and the FBK Family Diagnostic available to  family business consultants so that they can tender advice to their clients.

The diagnostics are of great use to other consultants and advisors counselling clients on tax, legal, human resources, business strategy and other matters. Some of their clients need advice on family business issues.

FBK offers consultants and advisors long-term collaboration and the opportunity of furnishing their clients with cutting-edge services based on the latest technology.

FBK for professionals can be likened to clinical analyses for doctors. They do not replace the professional but rather improve his performance.

FBK requires no information that would enable identification of the consultant's client. The system ensures confidentiality and anonymity.

FBK's systems allow the consultant to:

  • Develop new service lines.
  • Add new clients by offering innovative solutions.
  • Ensure quality in one's professional work.
  • Furnish a high-value service for clients that is profitable for the consultant.

FBK Professional Diagnostic

Shareholders, advisors and senior managers anonymously fill in the questionnaire and the consultant receives an on-line diagnostic report on the family firm. The report includes:

  • An assessment of the family and company complexity as well as the structural risk. Comparison with the FBK Database.
  • Analysis and evaluation of the structure of relations between family and company.
  • A suggested battery of proposed specific measures together with supporting arguments that the consultant can put to his client. The measures and reasoning are based on the aforementioned parameters.

FBK Family Group Diagnostic

The various family members fill in the questionnaire on-line. The consultant receives a report on-line, the purpose of which is to:

  • Grasp how the family sees the company.
  • Highlight agreement and differences among family members.
  • Analyse whether the various opinions are linked to how individuals belong to the various groups found in the family business.
  • Help the consultant build a sound conceptual base on which to negotiate consensus regarding the present situation of the family business.

The FBK Family Group Diagnostic, without revealing individual identities, allows the consultant to objectively weigh up how each of the family members  sees the company and what 'opinion groups' there are.

FBK Family Group Diagnostic is an excellent tool for starting consultancy work and provides extremely valuable information that would be hard, if not impossible, to obtain by other means.